Potentia Analytics CEO on building a platform for empathetic care

Sean Bozorgzad explains how his company’s technology can help enable clinicians to deliver empathy to patients.

On May 14th, 2014 Dr. Sean Bozorgzad, ED Physician and CEO of Potentia Analytics delivered a 45 minute breakout session to a packed room with standing room only at the Cleveland Clinic/HIMSS Empathy and Innovation Summit in Cleveland OH.   The topic, “An Innovative Approach To Hospital Flow Optimization.”
Attendees learned an approach to uncover and optimize clinically unnecessary variations in patient flow, enabling healthcare providers to spend more time with patient engagement and enhancing the patient experience.  He delivered and in-depth look at a case study delving into the use software solutions employing AI and Machine to expand the capacity of the human brain in order to analyse granular data for modeling and simulation for patient flow optimization. Hospital Flow Optimization innovative techniques fine tune processes involved in  patient flow, refining by hour of the day, week and month for better outcomes in resource utilization.

“The Ultimate Beneficiaries Of Flow Optimization Are The Patients And The Caregivers” said Dr. Bozorgzad.  

Key takeaways were:
  • To improve the emergency flow one must eliminate the unnecessary steps (reduce waste) and decrease variability.
  • Certain external factors such as weather can help improve prediction of flow and reduce variability.
  • Continuous surveillance of the emergency department with machine learning helps better match the capacity with the demand hence improve flow, reduce waste, improve patient satisfaction.
This breakout session was standing room only- leaving doors open for overflow participants to hear from outside the breakout room.  Many great connections were made including one with HIMSS TV.  See the broadcast of Dr. Bozorgzad’s interview included in this post.
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Dr. Bozorgzad’s interview with HIMMS TV