Are Your Operational Decisions Data-Driven?

Potentia Analytics™ helps healthcare organizations turn their data into actionable wisdom for data-driven decisions.

Artificial Inteligence | Data Mining | Machine Learning | Game Theory

Check the health of your hospital

View statistics against the latest CMS metrics and the economic impact of optimization.

A centralized Operational Control Center in which AI and predictive analytics are employed as a part of a coordinated approach to support optimal delivery of patient care, provide enterprise visibility and improve coordination of resources across a healthcare system
One of the biggest problems affecting operational efficiency in healthcare is Demand Capacity Mismatch.
To solve this problem, we perform demand-driven, data-guided, resource allocation with simulation and optimization capabilities, leveraging properly designed machines to help you get the most of your organization resources.

The Data Journey in a Patient Flow Command Centre

A virtual mission control room is the place where any internal or external data that can influence your flow, comes together from different sources for the benefit of your organization. A command center can be visualized as a data wall in a virtual environment or physically as a data wall on multiple large monitors.

With Bernoulli™
The Future is now Predictable

Bernoulli Optimizer™ software by Potentia Analytics™ uses sophisticated modeling and machine learning techniques to simulate and optimize the flow of patients through a Healthcare System.

Optimized Performance Metrics

Proactive Problem Solving

Better Patient Experiences

Optimized Staffing to Demand

Reduction of Lost Revenue

Insightful Operational Data

Increased Provider Satisfaction

Facility-wide Scope for Scaled Growth

Real-time Data Wall & Warning Systems

Accelerate your time-to insights with our customisable pre-built BI solution
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Data Management

We design and maintain your processes for governing your enterprise data.

Database integration

We help harmonize separate data sources into a unified view.

Data Warehousing

We help you envision a roadmap to deliver a cohesive platform that integrates your data from many different sources.

Advanced Analytics

We help you transform your data into intelligent action.

business intelligence

We deliver business focused solutions to enable data driven desicions.

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Monthly Hours Scheduled
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Symphony's flexible software simplifies provider scheduling using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create dynamic and intuitive schedules. Reduce cost while increasing efficiency and quality of experience for both staff and patients

Maximize Productivity

Reduce Costs

Track Time and Attendance

Automatic Scheduling

Improve Satisfaction

Scale to any size

Single Platform Scheduling

Cloud based/mobile app

Provider Preferences/input

Credential Tracking

Analytic Reporting

Customizable Dashboards