Our experts in machine learning, advanced algorithms, medicine and health administration, uniquely bridge medicine and computer science, to help enhance quality of service while decreasing costs 

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Why Potentia Analytics™?

Increased Customer ROI

Through our innovative and intuitive product offerings, we immediately save you significant time and money in addition to seeing measurable improvements in patient, provider and scheduler satisfaction.

Real Solutions

We have proven ourselves in the real world, each month Symphony™ schedules over 1.2 million hours for over 9,000 providers in over 800 hospitals across the United States.

Flexible and Portable

We know that everyone has different needs!

Our products can be integrated and are customized to serve your specific needs. For extra convenience, they are cloud-based and accessible from anywhere via mobile, tablet or computer without the need for access to your EMR.

Robust Reporting

Our robust analytical reports allow you to choose from an unlimited combination of customizable configurations.  The user-friendly design incorporates drag and drop features in real-time with the added capability for integration with existing systems including payroll and credentialing.

Remain one step ahead

Through our close relationship with a leading research university, we are able to accelerate the time to market for new discoveries, creating a unique competitive advantage for our clients.

We are always here for you!

At Potentia Analytics™ customer service is our top priority, and we strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our team is always available to answer any queries that may arise throughout the day.

See what our clients are saying

“We are extremely grateful for all the hard work (your team) continues to do for us. We are amazed and continue to be surprised by what (Symphony) has grown into which is exactly what we need! Each facility runs differently and I am impressed with the developers’ abilities to tailor it to our needs.”

Ahmed A Serag, MD/PhD

“Your customer service should be set as an industry best practice and we’ve used your competitors. They helped my provider/scheduler team set up their first schedule and it was flawless. Thumbs up for the first run!”

Vice President of Operations

“It used to take me hours to crunch numbers for certain reports that I need.  It was a real a-ha moment for me when learned that I can use Symphony to pull the exact reports, instantly at the touch of a button…in a spreadsheet or analytic format.”

Director of Clinical Services

“Bernoulli gives me the ability to test what-if scenarios in a virtual way before I impact the lives of the people in my department with changes in staffing or modeling.”

“Bernoulli enables us to increase efficiency, allowing us to eliminate wasteful activities to create more space for caring for the patient, having time to hold their hand in the room when needed.”

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