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Shift Management
Intuitive Open Shift Management

Symphony’s automated Open Shift Management tool closes shifts quickly with less effort and can reduce additional incentive compensation by up to 50%. Schedulers can make offers to individual providers or allow Symphony to automatically make offers to a list of providers.

Credential Tracking

Symphony automates your credential tracking process, integrating with your existing systems, providing on-schedule alerts for upcoming expiration. If certifications expire, providers will be flagged. This feature eliminates the time-consuming task of verifying provider status with other systems.

Custom Analytics
Custom Analytic Reporting

Symphony’s analytic reports have a customizable drag and drop design, giving you total control to create reports with endless configurations. The reports can be accessed by authorized users within the system or exported in various formats.

Approval Mechanism
Approval Mechanism

Symphony allows organizations to configure an automatic approval mechanism for factors such as overtime, shift swaps and bonuses, minimizing the time for required authorization from appropriate parties.

Cloud Based Solutions

You can access Symphony from anywhere via mobile, tablet, or computer. Providers can set off days, track, swap and pick up open shifts using the app or website. Additionally, for easy access schedules can be synced with your personal calendar.

Provider Preferences

Symphony allows providers more input into the schedule through a list of provider preferences. This allows providers to request days off, weekdays or weekends, and nights vs days. Schedulers can balance these requests against business and contractual rules as well as fairness rules.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Symphony’s Virtual Time Clock, with mobile clock in/clock out including geolocation, saves time and reduces human error. Supervisors can easily review tracking and reporting data with the ability to integrate with existing payroll systems.

Fairness Optimization
Fairness Optimization

Symphony provides a unified scheduling platform for all your staff, departments and sites. It is scalable from a small rural facility to a large multi-track facility from within the same environment, maximizing your schedulers’ flexibility and minimizing costs.

Automated Scheduling
Automated Scheduling

Automatic scheduling and Open Shift Management, reduces the time spent creating schedules and increases both provider and scheduler satisfaction. Shift changes and swap requests are quick and easy giving back vital time that can be spent on patient care.

Maximize Productivity
Maximize Productivity

Symphony maximizes productivity through automation and optimization, allowing schedulers to manage more sites without sacrificing quality. Analytical reports allow management to quickly identify and address issues. Business and contractual rules are fully integrated throughout, ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties.

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Streamlining Schedule Productivity?

In one convenient platform symphony manages provider rates, requests, credentialing and provides a unified scheduling platform for all your staff, departments and sites. It is scalable from a small rural facility to a large multi-track facility from within the same environment, maximizing your schedulers’ flexibility and minimizing costs.

Symphony's Technology

The advanced and proprietary algorithm within Symphony provides unique functionality supporting automated or manual schedule creation. It’s intuitive logic and onboard alert system supports the scheduler by offering data and provider availability to help fill any gaps left during the automated build process.

Easily communicate open shifts with eligible providers for shift pickup and swap. Provider & site preferences, contractual obligations, fairness, and circadian rhythm are automatically considered with the flexibility to override.

Symphony solves workforce challenges for healthcare with user friendly, flexible, drag and drop design. Spend a fraction of the time creating unlimited schedules for all sites and specialties.

Symphony’s algorithm considers both site and provider preferences, contractual rules, circadian rhythm, and fairness when showing who’s available for specific shifts. Flexible, templated options cover any scenario supporting a greater provider satisfaction.

The on-schedule Cube report offers at a glance views of unlimited reports such as this hours summary for your providers.

Report views can be customized with drag and drop design for specific data visualization such as this heat map showing providers shift capacity based on preferences and rules.

View schedules and pick up extra shifts or request a swap from an available pool. Submit time off requests, use the geolocation clock in/out option. Schedulers can view and edit schedules as needed on the go.

Lets you Schedule in a fraction of the time while improving patient, scheduler and provider satisfaction.

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