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BernoulliAI™ software by Potentia Analytics™ uses sophisticated modeling and Machine Learning techniques to simulate and optimize the flow of patients through a Healthcare System. AREAS OF FOCUS: Surgery, ED, ICU, In/Out Patient with inclusion of outlying areas that influence flow.
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Optimized Performance Metrics

Model your Hospital or Clinic with at a glance reporting to improve any key metric you strive to improve upon.

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Proactive Problem Solving

Resolve problems proactively with Bernoulli’s real-time early warning system rather than react to a backed-up department.

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Better Patient Experiences

Lower patient stress levels and improve their journey by optimizing the flow of patients through the hospital or clinic, improving efficiency and reducing wait times.

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Optimized Staffing to Demand

Highlight demand-capacity mismatches with predictive modeling. Adjust department processes and staffing daily, weekly, or seasonally to meet changing needs.

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Reduction of Lost Revenue

Customized simulations metrics, quality of care and patient throughput while reducing lost revenue from patients who leave without being seen.

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Insightful Operational Data

Reveal trusted insights with accurate consolidation of your granular data in one location with recommendations for best practices.

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Increased Provider Satisfaction

Providers have more time to concentrate on patient care rather than bottlenecks or idle time resulting in increased MACRA/MIPS scores, provider retention and work life balance.

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Expand Scope & Scale With Growth

Model and simulate one or more departments to identify and resolve facility-wide issues gaining holistic insight for small or large scale growth and planning.

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How Good are we at
Predicting Patient Flow?

Using a form of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning and considering all the factors that affect flow in each facility we have been able to achieve prediction accuracies of over 80%.

BernoulliAI™ is
a Game Changer

BernoulliAI™ provides the platform to design flows that match capacity to demand prior to experimenting with the new designs. The optimization engine collects and analyzes granular data, finding factors/flaws that are not visible to the people working in the process including patient and external environmental factors.
Once the flows are experimented, confirmed, and implemented BernoulliAI™ presents real time information in a simple manner that enables the people working in the patient environment to see the problems and quickly respond to them to sustain optimal flow on an ongoing basis.

BernoulliAI™ Technology

Imagine being able to play “what if” scenarios with staffing and flow with immediate results. BernoulliAI™ allows virtual reallocation of staff, beds and other resources, along with patient movement through the hospital with the prediction of key metrics. Users can change patient inflow parameters (acuity and volume) to see how your system responds.

Sample Flow Pattern Extracted from Data

Any resistance in the patient's journey will negatively affect the patient experience, Removing the resistance to the flow of patients is the goal of a Command Center.

Leverage multiple data inputs and infuse automation into how you visualize insights. Data analytics and AI techniques help keep up with the competition and increase efficiency.

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BernoulliAI™ consolidates patient time and acuity data from registration, for continuous up-to-the-minute reporting of interdepartmental system performance, with the capability to model simple to complex hospitals including multi-track, acuity, mid-levels, scribes and more.

Enable A Smarter Environment

AI and Machine Learning automates insight generation, monetizes your data inventory and fine-tunes decision making.

The Red squares show the bleeding of precious healthcare dollars, lost revenue.

Red squares are the hours in which the ratio of patients to providers are the highest in a 24-hour period in an emergency department.

Red squares indicate active patient to provider ratio of greater than 14.

Reduce Lost Revenue

Any resistance in the patient's journey will negatively affect the patient experience. Removing the resistance to the flow of patients is the goal of a Command Center.

See how BernoulliAI™ patient flow optimization software can potentially help increase your hospital's revenue.

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