Thank you letter from the President of Simpler Consulting (an IBM company)

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On October 14th several leaders from Potentia analytics, Sean Bozorgzad, MD-CEO, Kirk Jensen, MD-Advisor, & Shahram Rahimi, PhD-CFO/CSO, had the pleasure of presenting BernoulliAI & Command Centers at a conference hosted by Simpler Consulting. Their CEO honored us with a personal thank you.

October 18, 2021

Dear Sean, Kirk & Shahram,

On behalf of everyone at Simpler, I wanted to express my gratitude to you for attending the 2021
Virtual Lean Practitioner’s Conference as speakers. Your presentations “Potentia Analytics: The
Science of Clinical Operations Management as a Route to Operational Excellence and Bernoulli
Demonstration” were inspirational and thought-provoking for those who attended. Thanks for all of
your efforts and flexibility in the preparation and execution of your sessions.

Our goal for each LPC is to create a venue for you to share the great transformational work you
and others are doing with a network of improvement leaders. Thanks for sharing your successes,
your challenges and your lessons learned with us this year. Your presentations were excellent,
very well attended and the feedback received was very positive.

Thank You for contributing to a successful conference.

Michael Chamberlain
President, Simpler Consulting