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A centralized Operational Control Center in which AI and predictive analytics are employed as a part of a coordinated approach to support optimal delivery of patient care, provide enterprise visibility and improve coordination of resources across a healthcare system. AREAS OF FOCUS: Surgery, ED, ICU, In/Out Patient with inclusion of outlying areas that influence flow.

Align Strategies | Optimize Resources | Streamline Operations

Powered By AI-enabled Bernoulli Optimizer(TM) Engine
Instill a culture of continuous improvement enabled with AI and Machine Learning to automate insight generation, monetize your data inventory and fine-tune decision making.

Today, hospitals and clinics are struggling to keep up with the demand on resources and facilities.
A Command Center will help healthcare systems respond to and recover from fluctuations.

control center Answers the 5 questions of patient flow:

What Does a Command Center Do?

Aggregates all the information that is out there that you need know in order to manage the performance of your healthcare system.

Puts your finger on the pulse of your healthcare system by examining, in real-time, all the internal and external signals affecting your flow.

Acts as an early warning system that can issue alerts before problems hit.

Has a simulation engine that allows you to fast forward the current conditions and identify future bottle necks.

Has an AI powered optimization engine that helps you search for the best deployment of resources to alleviate bottlenecks before they occur.

Improves the quality of your decisions by giving you actionable insights.

How Good are we at
Predicting Patient Flow?

Using a form of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning and considering all the factors that affect flow in each facility we have been able to achieve prediction accuracies of over 80%.

Insights from BernoulliAI's engine come into the Command Center

Leverage multiple data inputs and infuse automation into how you extract insights.
Data analytics and AI techniques help keep up with the competition and increase efficiency.

Key Components:
  • Enabling interventions through predictive models, alerts, notifications
  • Operational Dashboards, data tracking, reporting
  • Real-time Monitoring and Visibility of Resources
  • Machine/deep learning and AI algorithms utilize information collected to predict future outcomes based on the metrics available
  • Benefits tracking and continuous improvement capability will be established as one of the operating functions within the Command Center
  • Create “What-If” scenarios with staffing and flow with immediate results
Key Outcomes Include:
  • Improved patient flow with real-time data and reporting.
  • Reduction of wasted time and valuable resources.
  • Improved communication and real-time alerts.
  • Optimized staffing and expedited access to patient care.
  • Reduction of costs and improved delivery.

Sample Command Center Data Wall

  • The specific dashboard shown here is the patient journey through the emergency department
  • The stations portrayed have built in color coded current state, black showing normal operations, yellow is cautionary status and red is an alert status
  • These walls in the command center are designed to visually demonstrate the current status of the department

The Command Center Technology

What role does technology play in the operation of a Command Center?
Technology can help us see our system in the context of the greater society and the environment by connecting different sources of data. When we see our system in context, we understand how our system interacts with its environment.
A good example of the interaction between a healthcare system and its environment would be the way a disease outbreak affects the operations of a healthcare facility. Covid-19 is a good example. Influenza outbreak is another good example. Every year influenza increases the load on our healthcare system and knowing the nature of this interaction helps us better plan and prepare for the change in demand.

Basic Operation Speed





1 /100



10,000,000,000 /second



Appropriately used, machines can significantly augment the depth and speed of the decisions we make.  The sheer volume of data and the need for processing speed makes these tasks very difficult for a human.

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