Team Work

We cultivate open collaboration and true compassion. Having a genuine care for one another enables us to work best as one team.  We are very proud of our horizontal organizational structure allowing a continuous flow of information across departments. Our main drive is to support each other to realize our potential so we can get things done effectively and efficiently.


We are devoted to doing the right thing. We are completely transparent both with our customers and our team. Being honest, trustworthy and dependable have been crucial in our development from the beginning. Our leadership regularly shares company updates with our staff and the entire team contributes to solving issues at hand.

Serving the Customer

We are obsessed with our customers, dedicated to surpassing their expectations. We believe that trust is earned by concentrating on customers’ needs and continuously delivering excellent service.  We are proud of our customer-centric employees who embrace this culture regardless of their role.

Having Fun

Having fun at work is crucial for us. Being playful makes our work even more enjoyable – of course having a ping pong table also helps! As such we believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is fundamental to our team’s success, we hold regular social events such as game nights, hiking, lunches, and Friday donuts.