Infographic: What The Healthcare Industry Can Expect In 2019

#2: Artificial Intelligence Will Move Out Of The Lab

The solutions suite by Potentia Analytics employs artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to optimize core operations for Healthcare’s most labor-intensive industry. FROM back-office cost reduction, automating the complex shift scheduling of Emergency Medicine Physicians and their teams TO clinical innovation reducing LWOT, LoS & lost revenue in the Emergency Department, the technology IS HERE.

Symphony delivers a world class Physician Scheduling Platform that makes your expert schedulers & providers even more efficient, significantly reducing time waste and frustration with feature rich options.  Bernoulli optimizes the flow of patients through the healthcare organization. Beginning with the Emergency Department, analyzing granular data to evaluate and define optimal staffing levels by hour of the da–y, day of the week and by season using advanced predictive analytics.

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Infographic: What The Healthcare Industry Can Expect In 2019


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Editor’s Note: As we get into the swing of 2019, it’s time once again for our annual predictions of what lies ahead this year for the healthcare industry. Last year, we predicted 2018 would be a big year for drug company mergers & acquisitions, funding froth, system layoffs, big tech, pharmacy benefit managers, and consumerism. We got some of these predictions right, while others weren’t so easy to accurately predict. Continuing our market analysis onwards, here are our new top seven healthcare predictions for the year ahead on big tech, artificial intelligence, cost takeout, the 2020 presidential race, pharma, and tomorrow’s “new front door”. 

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