Becker’s Healthcare: Cost cutting trails revenue growth as 2019 priority, hospital CEOs say

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Cost-cutting trails revenue growth as 2019 priority, hospital CEOs say

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Hospital executives identified revenue growth as their top priority for 2019, beating out cost containment, according to Advisory Board’s annual healthcare CEO survey.

The nationwide survey of 90 hospital executives conducted between January and March asked respondents to indicate their single top priority among seven categories. Each respondent picked only one answer.

Twenty-one percent of respondents named revenue growth. That was followed by population health and accountable care organization strategy (20 percent). Cost containment was identified by 13 percent of respondents.

Physician network alignment was also identified by 13 percent of respondents, as was systemness, which is described by Advisory Board as “efforts to streamline operations, deliver more reliable and coordinated care, rationalize fixed costs and even transform entire business models.”