The 10 most concerning issues for hospital CEOs in 2018

The 10 most concerning issues for hospital CEOs in 2018

Written by Kelly Gooch | January 28, 2019 | Print     | Email

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Community hospital CEOs ranked financial challenges as the top concern their organizations faced in 2018, according to an annual survey of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

The survey of 355 community hospital CEOs asked respondents to rank 11 issues affecting their hospitals based on how pressing they are.

Here are the 10 most concerning issues hospital CEOs cited for 2018.

1. Financial challenges

2. Governmental mandates

3. Patient safety and quality

4. Personnel shortages

5. Behavioral health/addiction issues

6. Patient satisfaction

7. Access to care

8. Physician-hospital relations

9. Technology

10. Population health management

CEOs also identified specific areas of concern within issues. Here are the top three concerns within financial challenges, governmental mandates and patient safety and quality. (Respondents could choose as many as desired.)

Financial challenges

1. Increasing costs for staff, supplies, etc. — 70 percent

2. Medicaid reimbursement — 68 percent

3. Reducing operating costs — 59 percent

Governmental mandates

1. CMS regulations — 70 percent

2. Regulatory/legislative uncertainty affecting strategic planning — 61 percent

3. Cost of demonstrating compliance — 59 percent

Patient safety and quality

1. High price/insufficient reimbursement for medications — 57 percent

2. Engaging physicians in improving the culture of quality/safety — 56 percent

3. Engaging physicians in reducing clinically unnecessary tests and procedures — 51 percent