Finding and Comparing Hospital/Emergency Room Statistics Across National/ State Averages 

CARBONDALE, IL – Potentia Analytics, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent healthcare software for scheduling and patient flow optimization, has assisted five SIUC computer science students in the development of a “Hospital Comparison Tool.” This program, created by student developers Jeremy DeVries, Nour Farhat, Grant Tulacro, Nick Ramsey, and Brennan Powers, was created as a search tool to find and compare the statistics of various area hospitals/emergency rooms to help give those the ability to view various ER metrics such as patient waiting times, length of stay, left without being seen, and other data.


The tool was designed using industry level technology to provide search results that are fast, relevant for finding up-to-date information, and simple to use by anyone.


“We felt that this was a very important project as it can be useful for everybody,” said Farhat. “All of us, we go to a hospital and we suffer from long waiting times and we appreciate that there is now a tool that can help us see which hospital is better or [to help decide] ‘Should we drive two hours for a 30 minute wait time or should we stay here and wait for 6 hours?’”

The student developers became eager to work on the project and work with developers at Potentia Analytics as soon as they could. “[This project] was the only one we really wanted to do,” said Tulacro. “We applied for it the day we heard about the proposal for it. It looked really interesting to work on a project that had both back-end and front-end stuff we hadn’t done before [along with] the possibility to work with developers at [Potentia Analytics] and getting those experiences first-hand.”


The students said that the feedback provided by Potentia Analytics throughout the two-semester long project was incredibly helpful and that they would recommend working with them to other students as well. “I think it was a great opportunity to be able to work with a company outside the school and working with other developers,” said DeVries. “It was good working with people who [were more experienced] so that we could make the process of gathering requirements a little easier.”


About Potentia Analytics™

Potentia Analytics is best known for Symphony, the Intelligent Shift Scheduling platform and Bernoulli™, the advanced Patient Flow Optimization solution. Symphony currently simplifies the shift scheduling process for more than 1 million hours per month with over 9,000 providers in 49 states through automation reducing scheduler load, maximizing efficiency and utilization. Bernoulli models and simulates the flow of patients through the hospital beginning with the Emergency Department, reducing Length of Stay and lost revenue from patients who leave without being seen. Bernoulli’s engine has recommended operational models with a valued monetary impact of 15-20 million dollars. Both solutions are optimized for healthcare and can be applied across multiple industries along with Foresight

their predictive analytics tool which enhances prediction and decision-making accuracy using game theory, predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning, and sentiment analysis to leverage in-house subject matter experts for negotiation insights.