Potentia Analytics was founded in 2013, originally as R&B Soft, by a computer scientist, Dr. Shahram Rahimi, and a medical doctor, Dr. Sean Bozorgzad. Shahram is a technologist with a passion for healthcare and Sean is a doctor with a passion for technology. Both had one ambition: to advance the level of patient care by applying cutting-edge research to solve healthcare problems.

From our headquarters in Carbondale, Illinois, located in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest, Sean and Shahram built a team to turn their ambition into reality by reducing the time to market for new technology from academia to the mainstream. 

Initially, they played with many advanced ideas but the first complete product was focused on optimizing the process of scheduling doctors for Emergency Departments. Experts are predicting that within the next 20 years, there will be a gap or shortage of fifty to one hundred thousand doctors! Given this upcoming shortage, attracting and retaining doctors will be key and that starts with how you schedule them.

Our mission is to harness the power of cutting-edge data science to drive decision making, efficiency, and profitability for our clients. We are expanding our portfolio to include workflow and staffing optimization (Bernoulli) and enhanced decision making (Foresight).  Sean and Shahram’s vision is an end to end solution for planning and managing healthcare workflow and workforce – we have just begun to deliver on that vision.

  • 2013


    R&B Soft was founded to turn cutting-edge ideas into reality.

    Symphony is created by Dr. Rahimi and Dr. Bozorgzad to create the best schedules quickly and efficiently.

  • 2014


    Symphony was refined and released to its first client EmCare (now Envision Healthcare), the largest provider of outsourced physician services, scheduling 2 million hours.

  • 2015


    Development begins for Bernoulli, patient flow optimization software.

    Development begins for Foresight, Game Theory based predictive analytics tool.

    Symphony surpasses 10 million lifetime scheduled hours. 

  • 2016


    Foresight was used successfully to support two decisions included in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan.

    Symphony surpasses 20 million total scheduled hours. Revamped user interface released along with new mobile app.

  • 2017


    R&B Soft is re-branded as Potentia Analytics.

    Berardino E. Baratta joins as CEO.

    Bernoulli begins live hospital trials in the United States.

    Symphony surpasses 35 million lifetime scheduled hours, scheduling providers at 15% of hospitals in the US. Symphony’s feature set continues to evolve adding new features such as geolocation support.