Medicare, Medicaid hospital payment cuts to hit $252.6B, industry study finds

Link to original article from HealthcareDive Dive Brief: Reductions in federal payments to hospitals will total $252.6 billion from 2010 through 2029, reflecting the cumulative impact of a series of legislative and regulatory actions,…

The Power of Virtual "What-if" Solutions vs. Traditional What-if

  What are What-If Scenarios? What-if Scenario Analysis is a industry term for modeling and simulation techniques used to yield various projections for an outcome, based on selectively changing inputs. A hospital can use…
Demand Intelligent Platforms

Traditional Benchmarking Dashboards Fall Flat with ED Lean Strategies

 Dashboards are great for at-a-glance reporting and to keep track of how performance evolves, however, it takes a great deal of time to interpret data sets on a deeper level to avoid making operational changes which may cause…

Twitter Word Cloud 9.13.19

Twitter Word Cloud - September 7th-13th The Top Trending Keywords For Healthcare Related Twitter Searches.